“Shop Local Roofers”

Canvass Master Group LLC is here to solve your immediate needs for disaster relief 1099 sales
reps. Experienced Roofing reps will deploy into disaster relief sites in your back yard hitting the ground running. Our
network is equipped with only Self-Starters who want to come in, help the community and make
cartoon money just like you! All reps have been verified for previous sales success and passed a full
background check.
Beginning Storm season our team is on high alert, ready to deploy regionally within a maximum of three
days after being summoned with the goal of next day travel.

The Process

The Shop Local Roofers Programs was developed to support homeowners and local roofing contractors alike. This industry is filled with opportuniest who give roofing sales a bad wrap and make it harder for ethical sales professionals to make a living. We successfully  connect homeowners with local contractors to complete builds and gain a customer for life. For a reasonable exhange rate your company will be supplied a completed contract, insurance scope and a customer ready for a new roof.

What You Provide

Marketing Material
Project Managment

What we Provide

Signed Contract
Ready Customer
Build Details