Satelite Canvassing

Fast Track Your Canvassing Department

CMG is a company built by Sales Professionals who understand the need for a quality appointment setting department. Often, it is easier said than done to create a consistent, persistent, effective canvassing department. Even more difficult is piecing together a quality team for informative campaigns. Consider your latest team you put together, what could have been better about your department or group? Find out if we have the solution for your organization, call now!

Appointment Setting Campaign 
    • The benefits of outsourcing your canvassing department to professionals can be extremely beneficial, find out how!
Get Leads Fast
    • Start generating leads from day one produced by our campaign manager. While ill recruiting department starts working on sending applicants to be interviewed, onboarded and trained symotaniously. In two weeks or less have a team of at least 5 canvassers knocking on doors in the effected Storm area.
Door Hanger Campaign 
    • Our Field reps are ready to gear up and blast your targeted neighborhood with essential information!
Canvassing Training 
    • You prefer using your own in-house canvassing team. Get access to our Elite Canvassing Managers to train your team now!

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Canvass Master Group sees your vision as our own, tightly aligning our marketing functions to bring the results you’re seeking, shown through seamless integration, innovation, flexibility, and business insights.